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# 10

The largest size in the family of 3k coil zipper.
Summers the strongest challenges in applications. Normally preferred in the most testing applications
The standard width & thickness is 8.7mm x 3.6mm
The applications are in all fields of luggage, coats, jackets, leather goods, leather garments, wet suits, Awning, Tents, Sleeping bags, Footwear & may others.
#10 metal zippers standard cross-wise strength tests.
#10 Brass: 125+
#10 Aluminum: 70+
#10 Nickle Silver: 130+
The standard problems which people have with 38 zipper is that the edges are very sharp and very hurt a lot & also they are hard in movement in one-way & require a huge effort in the reverse two way zippers At 3k, we produce the smoothest two way relatively very smooth edges.
The B.S. 3084:2006 recommends that in coil which has to be used in specification A, B, C, D & E to have lateral cross-wise strength of 15, 20, 25, 37 & 47 kgs respectively. 3K satisfies this comfortably.
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