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# 5

The arguably, the standard product of coil zipper, has the widest slope of applications
The standard width & thickness are 5.9mm x 2.5mm.
The application of #5 coil zippers are infinite. Practically, they can co- exist or replace every single application at every possibly place.
#5 coil zippers strength Tests.
#5 Brass 90-95 kgs
#5 Aluminum 50-55 kgs
#5 Nickle Silver 100+ kgs
#5 zippers are used as Centre zippers in all textile jackets & many light weight jackets. They are used as pocket zippers. In the 90’s they were strongly used in denim & trouser zipper but are now rarely used in the applications.
#5 coil zippers are used in tests, spoils goods, luggage, purses sleeping bags, wet suits, awning and various other applications.
The standard complaints in #5 coil zipper could only in case of applications open end zippers if the stitching margin is inappropriate or else if the weight of the garments are not well defined.
Normally, there are no complaints while using of #5 zipper, strong & study. Fit for most applications.
The B.S.3084-2006 recommends that in coil which has used in specification A, B, C, D & E to have lateral cross-wise strength of 15, 20, 25, 37 & 47 kgs respectively.3k satisfies this comfortably.
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