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Auto Lock

One of most sliders & which plays an important role in day to day use of all people across the world.
Such simple is the applications, that in fact nobody ever pays attention to the use & comfort of this magical product.
Every year, billions of auto lock sliders are used by the entire human pollution for their ease & comfort without realizing important of the same.
The key feature is the ability to remain locket always till the time a small efforts is applied to more the zipper in either direction we don’t realize that all the applications give a tremendous comfort to the user in a mechanical way The mechanism is explained in the graphical clearly.
Standard usage is all garment, footwear, coats, wet suits, normal light
dresses, knits, small leather goods, skirts, trousers, leather garments & many other applications.
Failure in Auto lock can be due to lock failure due to a weak spring or fest abrasion.
At 3k, we engineer Auto lock slider in a unique way so that there is absolutely no failure at all.
For details of BS: 3084 for the standard performance for a Auto lock slider and their test charts Please click here.
For standard wash & care instructions, click here.