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Non Lock

The most widely used sliders in coil zippers after the auto lock sliders.
These sliders are used in all small leather goods, luggage, tents, awnings, home furnishings and other applications where movement which canes slip and slide in the lateral direction in not there.
The mechanism in explained in the graphical clearly.
Failure can exist only in case of poor quality of the slider which is unfortunately in existence in huge majority.
The reason is due to lower awareness of the buyer & the undue advantage taken by other zipper supplier. None of them active interest in understanding the difficulties faced by a consumer/end user when the slider in bags or luggage or leather goods or other applications fail. This causes great problems for all the uses.
The critical zones of failure can be seen in the graphical.
At 3k, we engineer Non lock sliders in a unique way so that there is absolutely no failure at all.
For details of BS: 3084 for the standard performance for a Non lock sliders and their test charts Please click here.
For standard wash & care instructions, click here.