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Open End

Mainly referred to as jacket zipper.
Albeit it has many other applications like detachable sleves, detachable colours, detachable hood, detachable covers for various applications many other applications.
This is also called as the separate zippers.
The length of an open end zipper is measured from the top of top stopper to the bottom of the box-pin.
The standard complaint of open end zipper could be the failure of box- pin. Proper instructions have to be taken by the manufacturers while stitching & washing open end zippers. The most frequent occurrence is due to the over-dyeing of open- end zipper where-in-the taffeta tape holding the box-pin.
The B.S. 3084:2006 recommends that closed end zipper in coil has to be used to specification A, B, C, D & E as per the applications Categorised separately.
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