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Reversible Slider With Non Lock

This is a unique used front & backside. The puller can slide and more front & back.
The mechanism is explained in the graphical clearly.
This is essentially an Non slider and its use can make one jacket complete the function of two jackets by having a different look on both sides can be used as new ones with a common zipper.
Standard usage is in jackets, coats, knits and many other applications where applications are required on two side.
Failure in Non-lock slider can be due to lock failure either due to a weak spring or fest abrasion.
At 3k, we engineer non sliders in a slider. This is different from normal sliders. This is made in such a way that the product can be Unique way so that there is absolutely no failure at all.
For details of BS: 3084 for the standard performance parameters for a lock-lock sliders and their test charts Please click here.
For standard wash & care instructions, click here.