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The Group

Our journey started more than 200 years ago with trading of non-ferrous metals. Over decades, Shri. Ratanchand Joraji Group was viewed as the doyen of the metal industry. Driving the family business from an early age, Late Shri. Khumchand Ratanchand Shah forward integrated manufacturing of finished non-ferrous metals like tubes, wires, sheets and many more. Being the most preferred vendor of choice, we became prominent member of Bombay Metal Exchange.

In the mid of 1900s, the invasion of Western fashion over the domestic fashion, precipitated huge demand for zippers in India. Involved in merchandising of metal strips to the zippers manufacturers then, Shri. Khumchand Ratanchand Shah had an inkling about the growth of Zipper Industry and hence desired to manufacture zippers in India. A fully-integrated facility with state-of-art machines from the USA and other countries was set-forward to produce zippers. This led to the establishment of Precision Metal Products Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1959.

Being a visionary with ingenious understanding of the global market, Shri. Ashok Khumchand Shah, diversified the product portfolio into metal, coil, invisible and plastic zippers. Continuing with the trend, Shri. Nirav Ashok Shah, under the mentor-ship of Shri. Ashok Khumchand Shah, took over the reigns with strong emphasis on innovative engineering to lead the organization on hi-tech road of success. With proficient knowledge to design and invent, we are viewed as a gateway to business-friendly engineering solutions for new product development, moulds, automation machines and many more. Through the tradition of excellence, we are acclaimed in various sectors, with a strong client-base in clothing industry. With our commitmentto excellence and premium quality products, we provide world-class credibility to our customer’s brand.