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Z-F Slider Puller Removable Slider With Lock

This slider re-define the packaging & movement of zippers in the industry. Essentially, puller is the most  attractive part of the zipper & directly of the product on the whole as well.
This slider allows the user to put the puller in the slider only at the time of packing so that there is no handing of the puller in production at all. This also helps when pullers are made by final buyers and the zippers are supplied as it is the slider.
The insertion of a puller in slider essentially takes than 2-3 seconds and it is permanent. This satisfies all the standards.
The mechanism is clearly explained in the graphical.
This is an Non lock sliders. This is expensive than Non lock slider because of the complications in mechanism. Applications are absolutely everywhere in all garments, footwear, coats, wet suits, normal light dresses, knits, small leather goods, skirts, trousers, leather garments & many other applications.
Failure in Z-F lock slider can be due to lock failure either to a weak spring or fest abrasion.
At 3k, we engineer Non lock sliders in a unique way so that there is absolutely no failure at all.
For details of BS: 3084 for the standard performance parameters for a Non lock sliders and their test charts Please click here.
For standard wash & care instructions, click here.