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Zipper Manufacturing

Invented more than a century ago by Mr. Whitcomb L. Judson, zippers with their effective durability have transformed into a requisite accessory for a wide range of applications. Used on heavy or thick materials, they are designed to interlock like clasped hands, linking the rows, thus creating tough and aesthetic continuous closure.

Binding the edges, the metal zippers consists of two rows of protruding teeth made up of metal that are set at regular intervals on the zipper tape to form a closure. With its long-lasting durability, the metal zippers withstand high-strength and tough washing. Produced using high-grade raw material, our metal zippers are manufactured in different sizes based on their execution. Plated in various finishes that are tailored to customer-specific needs, our polished zippers feature smooth and non-abrasive peculiarities. Most consistent in conferring prime look to the apparel, they are used in leather footwear, leather jackets, denim trousers and jackets, fashionable accessories, heavy luggage, and many more.

Most commonly used in fashionable apparel, the coil zippers are produced from the coiling of mono filaments, that are sewn onto the polyester tape. Produced using high-grade nylon that is lightweight, heat resistant, and rustproof, coil zippers are highly flexible and reliable. Our in-house dyeing unit provides customized color options to perfectly match the color of the fabric, making it ideal for fashionable apparel. Developed in a wide range of sizes and colors, corresponding to the applications, they are used in varied applications like fashionable garments, bags, heavy-duty luggage, sports apparel, camping equipment, medical kits, and many more.