Binding the edges, the metal zippers consists of two rows of protruding teeth made up of metal that are set at regular intervals on the zipper tape to form a closure. With its long-lasting durability, the metal zippers withstand high-strength and tough washing. Produced using high-grade raw material, our metal zippers are manufactured in different sizes based on their execution. Plated in various finishes that are tailored to customer-specific needs, our polished zippers feature smooth and non-abrasive peculiarities. Most consistent in conferring prime look to the apparel, they are used in leather footwear, leather jackets, denim trousers and jackets, fashionable accessories, heavy luggage, and many more.


Precision Metal Products Pvt. Ltd. is diverse. Manufacturer of 3K zipper and high-tech solution provider for varied industries. Our products are classified into metal zippers, coil zippers and invisible zippers characterized by excellent performance & quality. Our zipper are strong, tough and with stands strength.

The metal zippers produced comprise high grade raw material such as brass, copper, aluminum and nickel. They are polished and finished in various finishes like stain finish, gun metal finish, gold plating, chrome plating and many more. Assembled based on required execution, our zippers  are widely used in jeans heavy fabrics, leather, sports wear,  leather goods and shoes.

Our flexible coil and invisible zippers specifies light weight with low shrinkage that are extensively used in clothing for dresses, skirts & many more.

metal zipper


Invisible Zipper
Manufactured using high-grade nylon that is lightweight, heat resistant and rustproof, our invisible zippers are highly flexible and easy to sew across the applications.
Coil Zipper
Most commonly used in fashionable apparel, the coil zippers are produced from the coiling of mono-filaments, that are sewn onto the polyester tape.
Metal Zipper
Metal Zipper
A metal zipper is a zipper with its binding edges consisting of individual pieces of metal that are molded into shape and set at regular intervals on the zipper tape.